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Festival Hongerige Wolf

Down to Earth. Open.

Festival Hongerige Wolf is a creative festival for young talented professional artists that offers them a platform to express their music, dance, theatre, film, visual arts and literature. The festival is a distinctive stage for quirky artists from the tiny artists’ hamlet in Groningen – peculiarly named Hongerige Wolf (Hungry Wolf). Over a three day period various concerts and performances take place in the scenic landscape around the artistic village.

Minimal budget and maximal ambition can be a recipe for disaster, as the team behind Festival Hongerige Wolf nearly experienced. Panic! Luckily for them crisis was averted when the Pr8stijl-team came to the rescue. Pr8stijl swiftly redesigned the programme booklet, festival map, and timetable in an improved style with stunningly beautiful and coherent results!