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Zorgboerderij het Leeuwenhart

We offer tranquillity, recreation and enjoyment altogether. A place where you can truly be yourself!

Zorgboerderij het Leeuwenhart is a compassionate day centre and coaching retreat run by kind-hearted Annabel Buissink, her three dogs, six horses, chickens, and a goat kid. Most of the people that visit Zorgboerderij het Leeuwenhart are adolescents and young-adults who come for individual counselling, the day centre or for an overnight stay. The horse stables are available for equine-guided training sessions especially developed for teams from care centres and healthcare institutions.

Tranquillity, recreation and enjoyment are paramount and allow young visitors to feel at ease and comfortable.

Moving to a new location is never easy and can lead to unrest, however it also offers new possibilities. Zorgboerderij het Leeuwenhart teamed up with Pr8stijl to ease the transition and make the most of the new possibilities.

To ensure that they could make the most of the fresh start at the new location Pr8stijl designed a crisp new house style and logo, two beach flags, T-shirts, and a compelling new flyer describing the core values of the care centre.